South Africa
Elephant on nature’s great masterpiece

South Africa sure is one Adventurous Country. Among hundreds of things you can experience, here are some of the many activities you should consider:

Trails in Kruger National Park

Driving around the park is good, but better in trying it on foot. For you will be able to see the nature more clearly. It comes with a good experience too. So, if you are looking for a challenge, try the two known trails that will surely test your endurance, the Mphongolo Trail and the Lonely Bull Trail. (The most challenging is the latter one.) Nothing to worry regarding the safety issues, because you won’t be doing it by yourself. There will be skilled and professional rangers who will come with you and guide your way along the trail. But for those who do not favour tough challenges. The Kruger National Park offer the seven wilderness trails, which is more simple, less complicated, and comfortable. There are also Luxury trails that are offered, that includes restaurants and luxurious tents for people to enjoy.

Karkloof Canopy Tour, KwaZulu-Natal

This will take us to the mountains of South Africa, at the Karkloof  Forest reserve, where you will experience the swinging along the trees with the Zip Line. Not just an ordinary Zip Line, because you will be swinging over valleys and trees. The trail is quite long so there will be stop over sections for you to rest and prepare for the next swing. There are qualified guides to assist you, so don’t worry.

On this tour, you will experience not just fun. For Its long series of Trails will give you an exciting and educational tour of the forest. During the stopovers, there are lectures given by the guide and through this you will be able learn more about the forest ecology, the habitat and the animal life of the forest. So don’t miss the Opportunity. This trip will surely give you one heck of an adventure and will probably be the highlight of your South Africa Tour.